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Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.
- Thomas Edison

About Me:
20, Christian
No Drugs, No Alcohol, No Smoking
Punk, Film, and Art, Soccer, Lacrosse

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Dec 15

Dec 12

the drive home from shows can be awesome, or they can suck


Just remembered a conversation I had with a colleague recently-

“So what kind of stuff do you play on your show?”

“Mostly pop punk”

“Oh, like Simple Plan and stuff”



Balance and Composure. Last show on tour with Titlefight, Bayside, and Senses Fail.

awesome show. love these bands. (not senses fail so much anymore though)


I’m south jersey born and bred.

i listen to bands from jersey or philadelphia 

saves the day, early november, glory days, man overboard, lifetime title fight, wonder years,  starting line, the progress

i love the phillies and the flyers. and the new jersey pride is sorely missed

i say wurder not “wa-ter”

jersey shore in no way relates to me. i never gone to seaside nor plan to

its all about AC and ocean city, and cape may.

WaWa till i die

blue hole

winslow diner 

villa deli

mongans gas station